Our Hubs serve as platforms, from which to educate and advocate - they allow us to teach the importance of composting for soil quality, recognize the practicality of composting, and serve as a distribution center from which we send compost made on-site into the local community.

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Our hubs provide us with the space to mimic the process of compost. We see composting as a beautiful process that is collaborative, self-giving and one that exemplifies the type of community we want to embody.


We want to build new compost hubs that invest in food and people. We do this by creating compost. We literally give life to people when we distribute compost and teach them how to grow their own food. We work to create life-giving experiences when we create a space where people can coexist and think of their surrounding community. By strengthening our current compost hubs and building 10 more in new communities across LA, we will continue to decrease the amount of food waste that is sent to landfills and increase the amount of quality compost that we can distribute to local communities throughout Los Angeles.
We are asking for funding to help build 10 new compost hubs across Los Angeles. These 10 new hubs will divert thousands of pounds of organics from reaching landfills while also keeping the finished compost in the community where the food was originally consumed. The ten new hubs will be placed in the following communities: Highland Park, Lincoln Heights, Pomona, Venice, San Pedro, Eagle Rock, Panorama City, South Los Angeles, Pasadena, and Westwood.

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Our vision for this year is to reconnect as many people with the soil that feeds us. We want people to understand that completing the entire loop (farm to table, table to compost, compost to farm) is a tangible goal in Los Angeles. In order to reach this goal we will focus on three specific areas of work:

Compost Hubs

Last year we set a goal to create 4 fully functioning compost hubs. With the minimal funding we received we doubled that amount and created 8. This year we will work on meeting the needs of 10 different communities across Los Angeles, from universities like UCLA to urban farms in San Pedro. We plan to create 10 new hubs unique to each community.

DIVERT 150,000 lbs
of Organic Waste

By adding ten new hubs we hope to divert up to 150,000 pounds of organics from reaching landfills. We will evaluate our progress each time we place any scraps in a system. We will weigh each addition and record the weight in a journal that can be used by all volunteers. By evaluating our recordings each month, we will be able to track our progress towards our intended goal.

to Local Community

We hope to distribute up to 5,000 pounds of finished compost and over 1,500 seedlings grown from locally made compost to those most in need. By providing this compost to local growers, individuals will have the starting block to grow their own healthy food. The finished compost will be weighed prior to distribution to the local community.

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We couldn't exist without a committed group of individuals throughout the region. Our Team includes our volunteers, and our dream team board of directors. LA Compost works with several critical partners to make our dream a reality.